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Samsung: Mysterious video – what are you trying to tell us?

It sounds a bit like an oxymoron to me: A few days before CES 2022, Samsung says it has one Surprise announced.

In my understanding, it is no longer such a real surprise when you announce it, but at least the corresponding video leaves a lot of room for speculation.

In this “lively extraterrestrial dwarfs” can be seen, “who accomplish mysterious things behind a frosted glass window”, as Samsung itself writes in the appropriate press release.

Is it about something particularly sustainable?

In connection with this, the slogan “Together for Tomorrow” is mentioned. At the very end there are slogans like “Going Green” or “Everyday Sustainability”, which suggests that it has something to do with Samsung’s efforts to make product design more environmentally friendly.

The only thing that comes to mind is the South Korean manufacturer’s “Green Chip” campaign, with the aliens behind the window suggesting that it is somehow about screens.

Samsung at CES 2022: First keynote on January 4th

One thing is clear: in less than a week we will know what the mysterious video teaser is all about. Samsung has announced a pre-show keynote for January 4th. Until then we look forward to your speculations. What do you think Samsung is trying to tell us?

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