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California Governor Plans to Restrict Assault Rifles with Laws Like Texas Used Against Abortion

By Teaganne Finn – NBC News

California Governor Gavin Newsom said he plans to use the same legal tactic that Texas used against abortion rights to restrict the sale of assault rifles, after the Supreme Court refused to block enforcement of Texas law.

Newsom announced in a statement Saturday that he has directed his staff to collaborate with the Legislature and Attorney General Rob Bonta to draft a bill that allows private citizens to sue “anyone who makes, distributes or sells a gun. assault or ‘ghost weapon’ equipment or parts in the state of California ”

The so-called ‘ghost weapons’ are those that can be made at home with 3d printers or the parts can be purchased from a third party for assembly at home, they do not have serial numbers and are practically impossible to trace

California Governor Gavin Newsom in Sacramento on September 14, 2021Rich Pedroncelli / AP

“If states can prevent federal courts from reviewing their laws, then California will use that authority to help protect lives,” Newsom stated on Twitter.

The Supreme Court recently ruled that abortion providers in Texas can proceed with lawsuits challenging SB 8, the most restrictive abortion law in the country, which bans the procedure after approximately six weeks of pregnancy.But the judges refused. to block the implementation of the law while the legal battles continue, so it remains in force

The ruling represented a small victory for abortion clinics Texas had tried to make the law nearly impossible to challenge in federal court, arguing that abortion providers would not be able to challenge it in advance. and they would have to wait until they were sued for breaking the law

The Supreme Court also dismissed another lawsuit that the Department of Justice filed to challenge Texas law.Also, it further narrowed the field of those who could be sued in future trials.

Newsom claimed he was “outraged”

“But if states can now prevent their laws from being reviewed by federal courts that compare assault weapons to Swiss army knives, then California will use that authority to protect people’s lives, when Texas used it to put women in danger ”, declared the governor

“If that is precedent, then we will let Californians sue those who put ghost weapons and assault weapons on our streets,” Newsom wrote in another tweet.


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